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I had to do a review of my top three NYC Art museums! These are Monsieur & Madame Fernweh’s favorite jewels to visit in NYC for a lovely day at the weekend especially. We are extremely familiar with them all and visit them several times a year. I wanted to help you decide… if you are in NYC and want to know where to go, when to go and if its worth your time here they are in no particular order:

the metropolitan museum of art

Price – $1. I mean it you go there with another person, stand in line and give ONE DOLLAR for the two of you. There is no judgment the admission is SUGGESTED. Chill out and save your money for the gift shop. Located in the upper east side, the MET is a pretty gigantic behemoth. A lot of eras of art are covered. There is greek, roman south american, asian all ancient art. An Egyptian tomb thats in a very relaxing and zen room and has ancient graffiti carved into it. There is a lot of good impressionist/western art if thats your thing however the musee d’Orsay has an even better collection of impressionist art. Comparable to the Prado or the louvre? well depends on who you are asking. If its me? then no – America has very good museums but they are not excellent for my tastes. IM AN AMERICAN , no shade intended but Im after certain things in art museums and this one is very good, just not excellent maybe I’m saying that because I’m just very used to it and no longer impressed, that could also be the case. HOWEVER- the exhibits. The special exhibits are excellent. For instance the Alexander Mcqueen savage beauty- that was extremely good. Also just a few weeks ago we saw the Fragnaurd drawings exhibit and it was marvelous along with e Valentin – a caravaggio disciple. You have to be lucky and be visiting when there is a much hyped exhibit. BTW the exhibit is included in your ONE DOLLAR – so its wonderful. also this museum is open late till 8 on some nights.My favorites are the storm by Pierre Cot and Jules Bastien-Lepage Joan of Arc.


It will be very crowded but not a big deal no need to worry about skip the line tickets tour, advanced tickets. you will be able to get in line and check in in under 20 mins the line moves very fast. Check your huge backpack and coat, its free and safe and nice to be unburdened. Spend a full day here and see it all it should be a relaxing oasis and spend the other part of the day in central park and chill out. Would I pay for a guided tour or do the museums lecture? absolutely, I think tours are integral to appreciation and memory making on your vacation. Head across central park and go to shake shack for hamburgers and fries and milkshakes in the upper west side before or after, for stamina.

the museum of modern art

Price – exorbitant. Free if you are a NYC ONLY COLLEGE student. or on target free fridays. Stand in a gigantic line that begins to queue at 2 or 3. The target free friday begins on friday at 4 and goes on till 8. You may not get in to the museum at all even after waiting for hours. you have to stand in line and wait as they let a small quota at a time. The MOMA compared to the other greats of the world is a very good museum – the excellence is in its exhibits as well. The Edvard Munch exhibit was incredible. There a good monet water lily, but of course there are a million ones in the Orangerie in Paris. There is the Vangogh starry night which is breathtaking, and a lot of picassos most famous works, i even saw guenicca here when it was on loan. So i say its worth it for the price if you are an art person like me – please just pay and do a tour if you can get a guide and go over it. Also seen here : Christina’s world by Andrew Wyeth. an incredible work of art (if you love the Brandywine artists i suggest going to the Brandywine museum in Pennsylvania because it is 300px-christinasworld

incredible and you can visit studios there as well). Also there is Jackson Pollack  here his most masterful pieces and they are very moving. Sometimes there are god awful exhibits like the Bjork one it was terrible student art style misery. Otherwise very worthwhile museum overall except for the price. After your day here to only place I can recommend to eat is Reichenbach Hall on 5 W 37th St German food and beer, its little bit of a walk but the only place i can say is excellent food nearby.

The frick

Price – N/A you simply must go (its is expensive). This is my favorite museum in NYC. That is becasue  Jean-Honoré Fragonard  is one of my favorite artists. He is romance, dreamy and he had private clients and made art for fun and love and not just commissioned and commercial trade. He created this room for the tricks and it is one of a kind a completely understandable reason for coming to NYC. Magnificent decadence and an indoor garden. Priceless works of art displayed just as they were back in these times of 1% living (has it changed?)


Im not exaggerating when i say every part of this museum that was once henry clay Frick’s house is devine and amazing. You absolutly must see it to believe it. it is in the 60’s and the upper east side but i wouldn’t recommend seeing it with the MET on the same day. You can go here and then go over to Laduree and get french macaroons or Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate (just kidding that place sucks) and have a day of french beauty and sophistication in NYC. Magic. You can also head over the the central park zoo if you would like, its very close by. The Frick reminds me of the era in history i most adore. If i lived then and was magnificently wealthy it would be a dream come true. i love the conspicuous consumption era of american history with extremely lavish everything. If you love this era as well and are in nyc i suggest you also make a day trip to newport rhode island or to tarrytown NY for some mansions.

I recommend all three highly. Ask me anything about going!!




4 thoughts on “New York City – Three Art Museums

  1. The Frick is one of favorites too. 🙂 We always recommend it to out-of-town visitors. They have pay-what-you-wish hours on Sunday morning, but there’s usually a line. And Laduree is our favorite pairing as well! 🙂


    1. Ahhhhh we have to do the pay as you wish!so excited to find another fan of the frick and laduree out there!we are going to paris in a few months,I want to compare macaroons!

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