MFA is the new MBA

I have always been obsessed with getting my MFA after my BFA. I earned my bfa at FIT in illustration it was completely pointless and the debt was not worth it but i had the best time lol. In the US we have to get in serious debt to get an education but im always looking for something free something special for artists to earn a masters at a great deal. 

I found one, seriously! Rutgers now offers their MFA degree for FREE. They (the world? I mean that ive read an article from the Harvard business review) have been saying the mfa is the new mba and i agree. It may sound rediculous but imagine approaching business as an artist? What kind of insane things can be made with both halfs of the brain firing? Imagine approcing your artwork and its sales as a MBA and making your contibutions count and discovering an art procress to creating that is the highest level of productivity. And the best part – using your talents to help to increase positivity in the world!? 

If your wondering why you would want to be an entrepreneur instead of just continuing to work for one company 9-7 everyday…I offer you  Seth Godin…his is the number one blog on the internet. He won’t take meetings, do twitter or watch tv. He’s very important to me i think he is an inspiring superstar. He says:

The facts are the facts in the last 25 years the number of jobs created by the fortune 500 companies is zero big companies don’t create jobs our future is being described and build by entrepreneurs.

I want to apply to this program so freaking bad. Maybe in a few years! What do you think? Is the mfa the new mba?


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