Color + Music Therapy


I love pink! I am a pink maniac! I just head about in Switzerland all the drunk tanks are painted pink to calm everyone down. It does calm a person down I think. I love all shades and any touch of this rosy color.



I also love the Iron islands (WHAT IS DEAD WILL NEVER DIE!) theme from game of thrones its so moving and beautiful i listen to it on repeat. So excited for the next season of game of thrones. I just want to mention how I go about making art. I dont have my process all set or anyhting but I am trying really hard to have a slightly more organized approach. I love to go on pinterest and pin a few more images to my boards. Most pins that catch my eye are PINK. I also listen to music, certain themes especially medieval or celtic or classical or orchestral opera style. Its hard for me to describe i am not a musician at all! I also like to play my flute. I feel like I sound like an extreme nerd now. agh this is awkward to bare my proclivities to the world. But i love to play folk songs from a long time ago like greensleeves, Es ist ein Ros entsprungen or ich hab die nacht geträumet. they are just really pretty kind of songs about longing and death and beauty and nature and long ago times. and i play poorly and my neighbors can hear and i feel embarrassed but i have been playing since fourth grade and its kinda a hobby to try out. then i listen to music and start to make some ART!!!! lol I make all all day 9-5 for a NYC design firm (trying to stay anonymous) but on the weekends the rest pours out from the tapped veins. I love painting and designing all kinds of things and I put a few pieces up on my etsy shop every so often. But I want an empire someday.


Did you know Ramin Djawadi is the composer? He is German-Iranian and so young and handsome too lol. I am german and extremely proud of other successful germans but that is not why i have a serious artist crush on him I swear! I am in love with his music it has set my soul on fire.  I feel so deeply when I listen to the theme of the iron islands (he has done most of the other music for game of thrones as well) it breaks my heart and melts the pieces back together and i may start to get hysterical tears lol.  I am moved to make some more beautiful things. Music and colors are really a form of therapy in conjunction with my art making process. Now if only what I made would be perfect enough and would set my heart alight the way I am moved by the color pink and the song I Paid the Iron Price. I have listened to it 6 times since I started writing this post lolz.


Image above really captures the turbulent perfection of the song and the evocative feelings. What is dead may never die!! Someday my imagination will be closer to my output! It has to happen someday with perseverance and so much inspiration.


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