The Book was Better

I read about 3 books a week on my train commute and at night in bed. I have been loving these scary strong women books that have been in the collective unconscious lately. Carl Jung and the publishing industry has picked up a thread. The thread is scary girls like amazing amy or like the heroine in emily giffen’s the one and only the message in that story was very unexpected and unusual. I would like to see how that movie goes- Emily Giffen’s other book was a horrific crime as a movie. Anyway the new scary girl books are womanhood against the grain and its delicious.

Some of these scary girl books have been made into movies, alas the book is usually better. 

The girl on the train staring one of my favorites emily blunt. The character of anna is underdeveloped in the movie with one line “its not just the farmers market its getting the sweet potatoes for the babyfood.” Not fully explaining her angst from the baby she has taken on. Also the roommate “vos” from orange is the new black is strong in the beginning but never appears again. The location changed from england to metro north line nyc but i like it ill allow it lol. Emily blunt is amazing at being a drunk crazy disappointed but ultimately kind protagonist, but shes too beautiful and slender to be like the slightly chubby more plain book character-hollywood probably wouldn’t cast someone plain in a lead role. I think there was a strange baby fever to the movie that wasn’t quite in the book, there was a bit more romance in the book more fully developed women with desire past procreation. Final diagnosis- movie is fantastic but the details in the book make it better.

Dark places book by gillian flynn movie starring another super favorite charlize theron. Gillian didnt write the screenplay on this one like she did for gone girl and i think that was the first mistake. First i have to say charlize is too drop dead super model gorgeous to play libby. Libby is supposed to be short and childlike and not pretty. This movie got 26% on rotten tomatoes so its not just me. Chloe moretz got cast as diondra and she does a really good job but its such a unlikable part to play. Its just hard to interpret the book as a movie with the satanism and the scappy hard luck life of poverty from being a farming family and the violence and viciousness. The little sisters were supposed to be much more annoying too. Two other casting mistakes: krissi cates the false whistleblower turned stripper was played by Drea De Matteo or Adriana from sopranos. I love Adriana alot but she was a crime in the role of krissi, this is cornbelt country and that role should have been respected. Second casting mistake is the mom – patty day, played by Christina hendricks. The mom in the book was emaciated and starving. They toned down Christina’s voluptuousness and beauty and she did look like a farmers daughter and wife and from a farmer family, and the red hair was accurate but she and libby are supposed to look alike and libby the child was cast with dark brown hair and charlize has her blonde and just doesn’t look like Christina Hendricks not really. Ok so in conclusion the book was better, way better.

Gone girl by gillian flynn movie starring Rosamund Pike. The book is incredible I have read it 30 times. It encompasses all the darkness and perfection of true crime real american life and our modern times. It is perfection personified. I have read everything to do with laci peterson so i just have a bend towards that as well. I love this spooky and smart book so the movie had a lot to live up to. It did not disappoint at was really really good. Book was better and i love reading the goofs on the imdb but wow this was a fantastic interpretation. Its because gillian was involved w the screenplay, the writer really has to be. Ben afflect was phenomenal and looks like scott peterson, excellent casting and acting.

Rosemund probably should have won every award available for her tour de force preformance. I was upset they kinda showed her pregnant belly when she was supposed to be getting fat she just looked preg and it wasnt the point she was supposed to be bloated not pregnant but ill allow it. In this case the book and movie are fantastic amazing and glorious!


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