Know Your Worth

“All i wanna do is get high by the beach”- that song by lana del rey is playing on repeat in my head. I am asking for a raise yet again at my company. I have been working as a graphic artist in NYC forthe past eight years with no layoffs, firings or breaks. Why dint womenever really get what hey are worth? We compete with each other and get jealous but the numbers don’t  change. 

You really are getting .75¢ for every $1 compared to a dude. But also there are plenty if women whi asked and recieved their due too. “Lights, camera, acción/I’ll do it on my own/Don’t need your money, money/To get me what I want”…..I dont want more money because i need money (desperately) i just want what is owed to me. Working without reward can put you in an endless sinkhole of paycheck to paycheck. Let me just say im shy im scared introverted and hate confrontation i dont want to talk i hate the phone, and i really hate arguments but it us time to face your fears. In fact i will have to squash those fears everyday untill they are fears no more because i need to survive and so do you.The art industry was never lucrative. but there are profits and money to be earned if you know your worth.

Thats a journey in your soul, deep in your heart you need to believe in yourself. That you deserve to make ends meet and then some for savings. You deserve the reward for your efforts. Not because your irreplaceable everyone is replaceable. Not because you do such good work or work the longest  hours – dont be a martyr. The reason you deserve an increase every year by percent or dollar or whatever is because YOU DO. Same goes for freelance work. Just ask for double and start negotiating. You are worth more with every second. You are valuable and increse in value. So ask for more demand more and get it. Its not talent or competition tht driving this just self confidence. And self confidence is something you have to build in yourself. Immediately-let me tell you how to get it in a second: just pretend its already there. Act as if and eventually it will be rooted as the way you are. I believe in you. There is plenty of room for us all at the top, let your company pay you what your worth-or find someone else who will. Or just kill the corporation from within as corinne maier advises in bonjour laziness.Got the raise by the way, i had to wheedle and conioje, raise my voice and make a stink (none of that happened but it feels like that) i simply first had to ask and then continue to ask. and now its been granted. Know your worth. “Everyone can start again/Not through love but through revenge/Through the fire, we’re born again/Peace by vengeance/Brings the end”Currently reading: Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth Mika Brzezinski. This book will help you so much more than i can say.


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