Blog Fairy Tales

I have been reading certain mommy blogs since ten years ago. I started in college and the blog readingpicked up  to obsessed levels when i started working in front of a computer all day. 

I used to love magazines the same way- i still subscribe to oprah and real simple! I fell in love with the lives, loves and minute of the bloggers. Until they all shifted from the golden lives of happily ever after marrieds to moms. I want to say some bloggers made the transition well but few survived. Everything changed and it got weird.

I used to read my favorite blogs in a rotation every day. (But what about work !? Lol this is why it should be a shorter work week,when your forced to b there for 60 hours a week then you start feeling like your never going to leave might as well be comfortable) These girlwomen were living a fairytale. Rapunzel in an ivory tower waiting for her prince to come home so they could go to shake shak for dinner. Forever 21,target,bed bath beyond princess shopping with breaks for froyo and hilal food truck all on a Tuesday in nyc where i sat in the same city indoors working for ten hours. The retro ideas were exotic and  the blatent inequality ruthless. Inequality for the husband too! why was he working while she was meeting friends for lunch and mani/pedis? How is this life existing now and not 50 years ago? And he really doesn’t mind having the burden of her student debts and the rent and just all financial and emotional responsibilities on his shoulders? The husband seemed to play a cinderella role in all this the work with no reward but further debt. Its romantic how the dudes cater to the love of their lives. Its like the girls have a special quality thats deserves this servitude but its also slighty paternalistic too, very kept in ivory tower.

The crash always came at the pregnancy, finally thats the reason shes not or cant work shes pregnant! Then the baby is birthed and the same activities pick up but that golden princess era has ended. Now its poop and tacky baby things. Tandem breastfeeding (thats two at once) for when the pregnancy happens again and another baby comes its not terrible but its really a departure from the princess life i loved reading about.
I’m – we’re childfree for now, together for 13 years. We don’t have the resources or strength for procreation. Wanderlust claws at my heart. Maybe someday we can have a baby? Theres always the lottery.

Blogs that were aspirational and lifestyle/fashion centered became anything but. None of them have sold me on having kids. Seems like the romance left too.Only one blog remains slightly unchanged and what lacks in content and insight gets more than made up for in photos and travel adventure. I #regram her all the time it’s barefoot blonde. What do you think? Did you love any blogs back in the day? Do you think they changed for the better?


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