Little House on the Prairie 

My favorite thing about American history was the pioneer stories. I came to the US when i was three in the 90s lol so it was not like in the 1800s on a boat. I did feel just a little but exotic and a tiny bit left out sometimes to american customs (but my mom is american so not 100%).

I was into the pioneer stories especially because it was travel and going westward for a manifest destiny. Poor immigrants finding their fortunes (at the expense of the natives to the land of course but i only just began to understand the incorrect western idea of superiority and rights. I wish i could say that has ended, but alas it has not) and following their fantasies to a land that is paved with gold- filled with food and peace! They imagined more for themselves and their families. Pioneers wanted adventure and freedom from oppression! To live in peace and harmony with only the elements and hard work to get it! It is such a beautiful dream i admire and still wish for.

Im thinking of the Ingalls family now because we are planning a westward road trip in 2019. I am dying to go out west and see the prairie grasses, wild flowers and gigantic sun and moon on the horizon. The wild west is the essence of fernweh- nostalgia for places you haven’t been. The idea of dreaming, scheming and roughing it to live off the land and answer only to yourself is the true American way if you think about it. I have decided to go to all the homesteads of the little house on the prairie books! Am i crazy for planning this so far ahead? Lol yes i am a lunatic for travel and history and my nostalgia for these childhood relics! I read these books over and iver again in fourth grade thru eighth. They soothed my soul and let me escape to a safe and comfoting place of love. Now i have reread on the banks of plum creek and i relise how difficult the life was and how hungry they were. But there was never negativity only what pa ingalls said “what must be done is best done cheerfully.” This would be an incredible attitude to have.

Pioneer girl the book was just released about laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter Rose Wilder Lane. It was a wonderful gift for Christmas for me! I didnt know of all the homesteads in the USA but watch out here we come!! In 2019 lol.

A list of all the Little House places can be found here:

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1 garth williams, 2, 3, 4


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