The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is hands down the best TV show ever! We are in season 7 and even though sometimes i dont agree with the directions and choices i stay steadfast in my utter devotion to this amazing zombie apocalypse tale. I can’t pick favorites for characters but i will anyway: michone, rick, carol and most of all DARYL DIXON.

 Daryl makes the angels cry in heaven with his perfection. He hardly speaks only grunts. Hair is always in his eyes and he looks absolutely filthy all the time. Darly dixon make me believe in miracles, he is a survivor and i will be thinking wwddd what would Daryl Dixon do when the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens.

When Carol saves the day at terminus it was amazing. She looks like this old frail lady but shes tough as nails. She will always win. I dont like her character arc so much now in season 7. Its a bit unbelievable and off balance.

Back to Daryl played by norman reedus. The actor in real life loves hello kitty and has a hello kitty character. This is why i love norman reedus as well. He had a hello kitty phone case all in his own and then a photo of him talking on his hello kitty phone went viral hello kitty reached out to him and now they have a licensing deal together.

I think this season is going ro be the best one yet. The Neegan and Dwight plotlines are sizzling up to an explosion. If anything happens to Daryl i will never watch tv again i wont eat or sleep. I will wither away into dust on the wind. Lol i really love this show someday i will actually write more about it hahaahha. What do you think – DO YOU WATCH WALKING DEAD!?!


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