The Millennials

Your mind is a powerful thing it attracts like to like making thought reality. I try so hard to make my brain a bubbling brook of positivity but so much sewage seeps in. Lol that was kinda graphic. 

I am a perfect example of a millanial, i am 30 years old and in the center of this generation. High school was the early aughts 00’s and college the second half. So i started my adolescence at the height of frivolity and designer bag lable obsession and ended my education and started my twenties in the WURST (because im german) recession ever with an art degree no less. Oh and tremendous student debt – not very unique issues just like everyone else.

Except not like previous generations, of course. Something was up with us. We wanted different things, more life less cube farm. We wanted benefits and promotions but only at our own sole proprietor businesses. And if we wouldn’t be treated well at a corporate place well we didn’t demand more we left and tried something else because our dreams were too beautiful to give up. But the tremendous debt- the largest collective student debt in history- it also shaped us to become a generation of childless, rent or parent basement livin’, travel frenzied MILLENIALS. I was trying to do that briiiidezillas voice (did you watch that show?) Our generation is unique. I am proud of us for staying true to our values, which seem entirely selfish to the olds.

But we continue to live and believe in th beauty of our dreams. We are staying greener and eat organically and healthy. We continue to further our educations and get into more debt, but perhaps because we expect education in America to be free someday as an inalienable right. We are not reproducing just yet- the world is overpopulated and we are trying to make decisions for history and the environment and we know that kids for kids sake isnt very smart- just look at our divorced parents we are all learning from our past. Childfree is a responsible decision to make, even childfree for now is better than the struggle. We are more cultured and knowledgeable with the information access at our fingertips. And the travel bug bit us bad. We are creative entrepreneurs in a way no one could have understood five years ago! I mean I make product that exists in the air! Instant downloads are so revolutionary to me! Alao we are extremely frugal, want to live in towns or cities and not use a car, and are happy to rent. We learned that debt SUCKS so absolutely none of us are buying houses. Seriously the housing market is a sellers not a buyers because we the new generation of would be home buyers aren’t biting. To us it is not worth going intofurther debt. The few that do have no student loans so they are the exceptions. One thing we are doing that is rather traditional is we are still getting married. Averaging at age 26 and we are taking this very seriously, in this case we are following in the footsteps of humanity.

We have a long way to go and should learn from the elders. But we are unequivocally a unique group. History must be acknowledged so we learn from our mistakes. The future should be considered so have the omnipresent to answer to. But right now, in this present moment even with all the debt and lack of the old standards of securities…. i love this life. I am proud to be here and grateful to have these opportunities and information. I value this life and being a part of this generation and i hope my millennials out there feel this love! I know together we can do great things and make the world a better place.


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